Sunday, April 18, 2010

What can you find in D-DESIGN Main Store

Let me stroll you around the shop and show you what does it offer:
- right to the entrance is an area for gifts, freebies and sales. As many of you know, D-DESIGN is awarding its members with a unique free gift each month. You need to join the group (click on the logo) and than simply click on any of member's free outfits you like.
Three bags on the table are for any visitor and one of them contains the updated catalog.

- left to the entrance is Info area. You can take LM from there, read about ongoing hunt, subscribe, get rewarded for placing us in your Picks or just take a seat while you are busy with something else.

- the central part is for new releases and most popular outfits:

- jeans, unisex and man's clothes are next to the freebies area:

- and the blue lounge is especially for "Nuit Sensuelle" label - a haute couture fashion for ladies and gentlemen with classy taste:

Hope to see you soon in D-DESIGN!

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