Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bolero Contest

Our sheer laced bolero is unique in its versatility, matching flawlessly with almost any style.  We're so impressed with how some of our clients have chosen to wear them, that we've decided to hold a contest to find the best bolero outfit any of you can put together.D-DESIGN AD Bolero Contestpng

Just match the bolero with your other favorite D-DESIGN clothes and send us a snapshot for the chance to win big.

1st prize is 500L cash and two D-DESIGN outfits of your choice
2nd prize is 300L cash and your choice of any one D-DESIGN outfit
3rd prize is 100L in cash and a D-DESIGN jeans outfit of your choice.

Besides a $L prize, the top 3 winners of the Bolero Contest will be featured in a photo shoot that will be displayed at D-Design.

Boleros are available at our store in black, silver and gold, or in a very affordable fat pack with 6 more colors.

To enter the contest, just send us a single photo of yourself (full length) in a D-DESIGN bolero and any other D-DESIGN clothes. No freebies or hunt items, please. (That is no members' and Pick free gifts, freebies, or the Mr & Mrs Kindness and Africa Brown Jeans hunt items.)

Pix should be 1024x1024, full perm, and included in a notecard with your name.  Just drop it into our dropbox in the main store.  We will accept entries from June 22 - July 05, 2010.

Winners will be chosen based on the the whole look, including hair, jewelry and shoes.

1. Prazillo Lemon -blogger
2. Ortega Datura - Sl and RL photographer
3. Dani Plassitz – D-DESIGNer

All pictures will be displayed here, in our blog

Thanks and good luck!

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