Monday, July 26, 2010

Celebrating first 1000 members

I am very excited to announce that the D-DESIGN has reached its first 1000 members and for this purpose I have released a very special gown as a gift to my dear members called “Thousand Kisses”. This gown is not only unique by its style, but also it enfolds all the knowledge I had gained during the past 7 month.
Gown 1000 members'It is made of satin and lace and comes with a lovely brooch on a hip. The jewelry set is possible to buy separately.
Thousand Kisses Bordeaux set' 
I hope this gown made my members proud just I am for having them!

A very nice coincidence was that just on the same day we have reached 1000 members, D-DESIGN has had its Fashion Show organized by Prestige MA. Here are some pictures, and there was a party after the show.
Snapshot_011' Snapshot_076'

A big THANKS to everyone for supporting D-DESIGN fashion!

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