Friday, October 8, 2010

Romance gown – when you just wish to be the most beautiful…

The new release has it all as its name says: flowers, romantic colors, sheer fabrics, softness a feminine cut...
The flowers at the bottom trim were painted by myself. The skirt is a little shorter in the front and has seamless texture that is making this dress a one of a kind !
The upper sheer fabric is following the skirt line and has even softer movement from the down skirt for a realistic feeling. Both skirts are collected in a small bow at the back.
The high opera gloves are included.
The off-shoulder sleeves are maybe dropping a hint? :))

D-DESIGN Romance Orange'

D-DESIGN Romance fatpack light'

D-DESIGN Romance fatpack dark'

The Romance gown is discounted for group members during the promotional days.
Visit the D-DESIGN Main Store and get your color today!

To complete this lovely gown our Miss D-DESIGN 2011 sponsor "MsDesigns" has created perfect heels for it! As a gown has three main colors on it, so the heels can be colored in three different parts and they come as alpha and non-alpha compatible.

We recommend Ms Delicia shoes'

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