Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nicole gives you a complete look

The new release from Styles by Danielle- Nicole, consists of gown, jewelry set and pumps, each sold separately.
Every item is carefully selected to match and complement, for your unique look!
DANIELLE Nicole - Fire Red hor'

This very sensuous gown is made of satin and lace with diamonds added on the skirt and sleeves. The top is strapless and you may choose between the top that outlines the nipples or the smooth one. The skirt is built from 2 parts - front and back, in order to fit it perfectly to any avi shape without the need to resize it. However, the simple and lag-free resizers are added, but you can delete them as well, if you wish.

This gown is not only sexy, but elegant and stylish with a unique line formed by satin at the front that is collected in the diamond brooch and left to flow to the ground.
A delicate lace is collected in a form of a big flower on the right hip and is left freely down on the left hip.
Nicole gowns come in six beautiful colors:
DANIELLE Nicole - Pale Lilac' DANIELLE Nicole - Silver' DANIELLE Nicole - Aquamarine' DANIELLE Nicole - Black'DANIELLE Nicole - Teal'
A Nicole Diamond Jewelry Set has been created especially to complement this gown:DANIELLE Nicole Diamond Jewelry Set gemchanger'DANIELLE Nicole Diamond Jewelry Set Crystal'

Shoes can be bought either individually or as a fatpack. There is a demo version to try them before the purchase:

DANIELLE Nicole Pumps Fire Red'

DANIELLE Nicole Pumps fatpack'

Promo days: 5-8 January (Wednesday - Saturday incl.)

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