Sunday, April 17, 2011

Special Edition – Glittering Dress

I am very delighted to present to you the Special Edition Cocktail glittering dress "Mirette".
It comes in three colors - Bordeaux, Night and Black with two scarfs (dark and light), two dresses (glittering and non-glittering) and  matching under-dress pants and tops.
DANIELLE Mirette Cocktail Night Special Edition' DANIELLE Mirette Cocktail Black Special Edition' DANIELLE Mirette Cocktail Bordeaux Special Edition'
The picture cannot show its glitter and sparkles, but in the main store you will be able to see it before the purchase. Also, you can watch it here:

This very special and elegant dress for sure will attract all eyes on you!
The matching heels will be in the store hopefully during the day. Because I am leaving for the Easter vacation soon, I did not want to wait to release it.
Due to its exquisite design, this dress will be sold ONLY in the main store, and not any other store.
During April 17-20, a group discount on this dress will be available.

The textures contained within and comprising this garment are the exclusive property of Dani Plassitz/ Styles by Danielle.  Extracting, reusing, sharing or distributing them in any manner, using software or other methods, is illegal and will be reported immediately to Linden Labs.

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