Saturday, May 28, 2011

Look fine in Finesse

Our next new release is a satin and lace gown with modern attachments on one hip and shoulder.
It comes in 5 colors:
DANIELLE Finesse Silver hor'
DANIELLE Finesse Teal'DANIELLE Finesse Black' DANIELLE Finesse Purple'DANIELLE Finesse Red' 

New Finesse Purple Pumps are available for the Finesse Purple gown color and other colors can be worn with our Nicole Pumps.
This high quality sensual gown will surely turn all heads!

A special jewelry set has been created to fit to this gown. It follows its theme and curves and we are absolutely sure you will enjoy it!
You may choose betwen the diamond set (transfer) and full set (copy) that has a metal/gem changer.
There are 7 metals to choose from (silver, platinum, black nickel, antique bronze, copper, gold and gold nugget) and 10 gemstones, all in one menu.
DANIELLE Finesse Diamond Jewelry Set' DANIELLE Finesse Jewelry Full Set' As always, the new release is greatly discounted for our group members.
Group price will stay until the next new release.

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