Sunday, February 5, 2012


Mims is a new outfit with equal proportion of casual and wild.
It comes in 5 colors and the belt has even more colors.
Mims consists of pants, top and belt, each sold separately, but there is a fatpack as well.
AD 768x1024 Mims 
There are two versions of the top and each is with and without sleeves, that means there are 4 tops for each color. Sculpted sleeves are both modifiable and with the resizer included.
At the back there is a tiny knot and at the front a jewel with flexi fringe.
DANIELLE Mims Top Silver' DANIELLE Mims Top Black' DANIELLE Mims Top Blue' DANIELLE Mims Top Gold' DANIELLE Mims Top Red'

One pair of pants with a normal rise and one with low rise included.
The sculpted cuffs are both modifiable and with the resizer.
DANIELLE Mims Pants Black' DANIELLE Mims Pants Blue' DANIELLE Mims Pants Gold' DANIELLE Mims Pants Red' DANIELLE Mims Pants Silver'

Gem, metal, shine changer and resizer - all in one single script!
Seven metals and eight gems for your combinations.

DANIELLE Mims Belt Majestic'

THE BEST DEAL! (discount on a group price - 45% OFF)
All included (pants, tops, belt).

DANIELLE Mims Fatpack'

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