Friday, August 3, 2012

Collana Dress And Jewelry

Collana is a strapless mini dress, perfect for your summer nights!
It has a sculpted upper part and flexi skirt.
Underpants and undertop are included.
It comes in four colors:

DANIELLE Collana EarthDANIELLE Collana BlueDANIELLE Collana MagentaDANIELLE Collana MonoIt is transferable and modifiable.

We have also prepared a jewelry set that perfectly matches the Collana dress. You can change the front small gems, that are especially selected to match the colors:

DANIELLE Collana Gold Set ~ EarthDANIELLE Collana Gold Set ~ BlueDANIELLE Collana Gold Set ~ MagentaDANIELLE Collana Silver Set ~ Mono

Transferable for gifting.

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