Monday, May 13, 2013

Taj Jewelry Set

We are very happy to present to you our new Taj jewelry set. It consists of necklace, bangles, earrings and ring. You may choose to purchase a full set that comes with texture changer or one of our separate offers. For your convenience, we have included nine gemstones colors and seven metal textures and you can change the texture of the filaments separately for a dazzling effect and create a number of combinations – all from one script.

To see all the possible combinations and the craftsmanship, we have prepared a DEMO that includes an earring fully scripted.

All Taj sets you buy from the marketplace or transferable sets from the inworld store come in a nicely wrapped gifting box. Please, carefully check the permission written on the box before making an inworld purchase.

DANIELLE Taj Jewelry Set MajesticDANIELLE Taj Bracelets MajesticDANIELLE Taj Earrings MajesticDANIELLE Taj Necklace And Earrings DiamondDANIELLE Taj Jewelry Set Black Nickel And RubyDANIELLE Taj Jewelry Set Old Silver And Black Diamond

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