Thursday, September 2, 2010

Announcing the Face of D-DESIGN Contest


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Miss D-DESIGN 2011 copy 

D-DESIGN is launching a grid-wide search for the woman who most perfectly represents the style and versatility of our label.

Each month we will choose a D-DESIGN Fashionista, and once a year, from those monthly winners, we will pick the Annual Miss D-DESIGN.

Our Monthly Fashionista winners will receive a special tag, a 500L gift card, and, most importantly, the opportunity to be crowned Miss D-DESIGN and win the big prizes!

The first Miss D-DESIGN will be crowned in June 2011, and will receive:

    - 20,000L cash prize
    - 5,000L gift card
    - A cover picture and inside feature in HeartBEAT SL Magazine that will include professional pictures, taken by one of HeartBEAT's outstanding photographers
    - D-DESIGN Crown designed exclusively by ZURI-jewelry creations
    - Gifts from our sponsors
    - A custom gown, named just for her
    - The honorable tag "Miss D-DESIGN 2011"
    -  She will also star in our advertising and have the opportunity to represent our brand at important events

We have prizes for  runner-up, and second runner-up too - 1,500L in cash, a 1,000L gift card, and  gifts from our wonderful sponsors.

We are looking for women who are photogenic and stylish, skillful with SL clothing and accessories, and responsible, collaborative, and comfortable working in a team.

If you believe you have what it takes to be the Face of D-DESIGN, the instructions below will tell you how to apply.

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Winners of each monthly Fashionista Contest will automatically qualify for the Annual Miss D-DESIGN Pageant.

To enter the monthly Fashionista Contest:

- Join the D-DESIGN inworld group

- Create a notecard titled "Fashionista (month/year) - (Your name)" [e.g: Fashionista 09/2010  - Dani Plassitz] and include the following in the notecard:

        a) one 512x512 face shot of your avatar wearing D-DESIGN clothes
        b) one 512x512 full-length shot of your avatar wearing D-DESIGN clothes
Accessories do not have to be D-DESIGN, only the clothing.
Pictures must be full perm. 

- Drop the notecard into the dropbox at our main store. Entries are accepted from 1st-15th of each month.

Monthly winner's pictures will be featured here in our blog.
All contestant's pictures will be shown on our Flickr group site:

Rules for the Annual Miss D-DESIGN Pageant will be shared with the Monthly winners.

Thank you and good luck!


Our fabulous sponsors:
    - Zuri - jewelry creations
    - Heartbeat SL magazine
    - Furniture and Design
    - Pelletteria Morrisey
    - Ms Graphic Designs

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