Sunday, September 19, 2010

NEW RELEASE – Street-wear

Be ready for hiking, biking, outdoor fun or indoor just looking AWESOME in the latest 'Top Girl' outfit by D-Design.  The outfit is available in black, blue and white. The black one has 2 versions: the 'clean' one and the one with the lots of fun extras a (belt chain, a skull clip-on,  safety pins and more).
 D-DESIGN Top Girl - Black EXTRAS sq'D-DESIGN Top Girl - Black' D-DESIGN Top Girl - Blue'

D-DESIGN Top Girl - White'

The 'clean' version has left leg prims: one with a bottle of your energizing drink and for a little companion - a pet rat.  It is also possible to modify it in case you don't like any of them.
The extra version has rat only.
Big group discount on those outfits during the promo days!

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