Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fashionista winners for November

This month I got many nice entries, so I have included one more judge than usually for more objective estimation.
And the result it that we have three winners! Yay!

Riham Keng:
Riham Keng face'

Riham Keng full'

Ezmeralda Silversmith:
ezmeralda Silversmith face' ezmeralda Silversmith full' 

Breeze Macbeth:
Breeze Macbeth face' Breeze Macbeth full'

Big thank you to everyone who participated and do not forget you can enter the next month again, just with the different clothes.

Each of our winners receives 500 ld gift card from our shop, a special tag, feature in HeartBEAT magazine and, most importantly, the opportunity to be crowned Miss DANIELLE and win the big prizes!
Their pictures are also displayed in the main store.

Special thanks to our judges Angel Tzara (HeartBeat SL mag editor in chief), Prazillo Lemon (model and blogger) and Silexe Core (69 Park Ave CEO).

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