Monday, November 15, 2010

Styles by Danielle presents Coco Chanel

I am very proud to present the new release: my version of Coco Chanel suit in both modern and classic style!
There are 3 types of vendors you will find on a New Release wall:

1- a complete outfit (dress, jacket, hat, shoes, purse, belt)

DANIELLE Coco Pepit complete' 
DANIELLE Coco Tiger complete'

2- basic outfit (dress with the jacket and purse, but without the other accessories)

DANIELLE Coco Pepit'
DANIELLE Coco Tiger' 

3- jewelry set "Coco Diamonds" made from same gems as the brooch on jacket and purse.

DANIELLE Coco Diamonds black and white' DANIELLE Coco Diamonds aquamarine DANIELLE Coco Diamonds citrine

Each set of this new release is discounted 30% for our group members. The promo days: 14-18th November, 2010.

Just a few more words about the new release.. it is recommended for the alpha-compatible viewers users because the jacket fits best with the alpha layer that covers your breasts (so they won't stick out from the jacket). The shoes can be worn with or without the alpha layer.
Some parts of the outfit are modify, like blouse (one with long sleeves is included), skirts and glitch pants.

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