Friday, March 2, 2012


For the second year now, Styles by Danielle is launching a grid-wide search for the woman who most perfectly represents the style and versatility of our label.
We are looking for women who are photogenic and stylish, skillful with SL clothing and accessories, and responsible, collaborative, and comfortable working in a team.

Miss Danielle 2012 will receive:

    - L$35,000 cash prize
    - L$5,000 gift card
    - Crown designed exclusively by ZURI-jewelry creations
    - A custom gown, named just for her
    - The honorable tag "Miss Danielle 2012"
    - Gifts from our sponsors
    - She will also star in our advertising and have the opportunity to represent our brand at important events

We have prizes for  runner-up, and second runner-up too - L$1,500 in cash, a L$1,000 gift card, and  gifts from our wonderful sponsors.

The live event will be covered by InWorld Magazine.

If you believe you have what it takes to be the Face of Danielle, the instructions below will tell you how to apply.

The Miss Danielle 2012 Pageant is organized in two main stages:

1st stage - QUALIFICATIONS FOR FINALISTS (1-15 April, 2012)
`````````````````````````````````````````````````````     We will choose nine ladies who will become Miss Danielle 2012 finalists through a photo contest.
     Therefore, between 1-15 April, please prepare the following:
    - Join Styles by Danielle inworld group
    - Create a notecard titled "Miss Danielle 2012 1st stage - (Your name)" and include the following in the notecard:
        a) one 1024x1024 face shot of your avatar wearing any Styles by Danielle outfit
        b) one 1024x1024 full-length shot of your avatar wearing any Styles by Danielle outfit
        Accessories do not need to be Danielle (but could if you wish so), only the dress.
Pictures must be full perm with NO name or logo on them. But please, DO rename each picture with your name before enclosing it in the notecard.
        Drop the notecard in our drop box in the main store.
NOTE: Our Danielle Fashionista winners in 2nd season (from November 2011, till March 2012) are skipping this stage and they go directly to the finals, as it is one of the prizes they had won.

2nd stage - FINALS
    The Finals will go in two stages:
    A) Photo contest (5-15 May, 2012)
        You will be given the dress especially created for this event and you will need to style it and send us two photos of yourself wearing it. Your result from this part will have impact upon your final result.
   B) Live event (June, 2012 )
        You will present yourself in front of our judges and the audience in the same dress from the Finals Photo contest and also in a Danielle evening gown of your choice.

Detailed rules for the Miss Danielle 2012 Pageant finalists will be shared within the Miss Danielle contest group.

Our fabulous sponsors:
    - Zuri - jewelry creations
    - InWorld magazine
    - Moolto
    - Face Paint  - High Fashion Makeup

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