Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Official Gown MISS Benin For EOE 2012 By Danielle


This gown was made for Essence of Ebony 2012 contest and was worn by Miss Benin - Lynxa on the final day.
The original color - orange with yellow and green represents the country of Benin, and not only by the colors and fabrics, but with the style as well.
The hat is an inseparable part of a Benin folk dress and for Lynxa it has been especially crafted here in SL.
The real eye-catcher on this gown is the golden texture. Gold is, for sure, the hardest one to reproduce in SL, and I have tried my best to make you shine like the sun.

DANIELLE Lynxa OrangeDANIELLE Lynxa Black

Every detail of the dress is carefully put together. The front jewel and the back sheer fabric are modifiable for you to perfectly adjust it to your shape. The skirts attached to legs come with the special resizer that can resize in any direction. This is especially helpful if your av is very tall or very small.

To compleete the look, we recommend the Zuri's - Laci jewelry set. Ms. Zuri Rayna has customized the gems color just for this gown!


  You may also choose DANIELLE Lynxa Gold jewelry set that is made especially to complete this gown.
The rhombus and gems resemble the fabric design, and the gold shine is underlined by the texture itself.
The set is transferable and it consists of: necklace, two bracelets, earrings and the ring worn on the index finger.
DANIELLE Lynxa Gold ~ GarnetDANIELLE Lynxa Gold ~ Black Diamond

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  1. I bought this gown in orange (though I'll probably come back for the black as well now!), and wrote a short fiction piece based out of characters from the Tarzan books! Thanks for such lovely gowns.