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Danielle Fashionista 2013/14 Contests

Danielle Fashionista 2013/14

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Announcing the Face of DANIELLE Contest:
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Now for the third year, Styles by Danielle is launching a grid-wide search for the woman who most perfectly represents the style and versatility of our label.

Starting from November 2013 until March 2014, each month we will choose one Danielle Fashionista.

Each monthly Fashionista winner will receive:
- L$5,000 in cash
- The honorary Danielle Fashionista tag
- Opportunity to represent our brand by modeling the next new Danielle outfit for an advertising picture
- An advertising feature in SL Fierce magazine
- A special gift from our sponsors

There are also great prizes for the runner-up and second runner-up too - a Danielle gift card worth L$1,000 and gifts from sponsors.

Each monthly winner's picture will be displayed in our main store, our Flickr, featured in our blog and in the SL Fierce magazine, with your name and photographer's credit. Beside that, the SL Fierce magazine will feature an interview with the winner.

We are looking for women who are photogenic and stylish, skillful with SL clothing and accessories.

If you believe you have what it takes to be the Face of Danielle, the instructions below will tell you how to apply.

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To enter the monthly Danielle Fashionista Contest:

- Join the Styles by Danielle inworld group

- Create two photos:

        a) one 1024x1024 full-length shot of your avatar wearing Danielle casual clothes
        b) one 1024x1024 full-length shot of your avatar wearing Danielle formal gown
- ***Pictures should be without name or logo on them***

- Pictures can be "photoshoped", but the effects should not be applied over your avatar to the extent of hiding the dress.

- Accessories do not have to be Danielle, only the clothing (but could if you want to). Freebies and members gifts for the current month available in the store are not allowed.

- Entries are accepted by the end of each month (from 1st-30th), starting in November. The winner is announced the following month and will be wearing the title for that month.

- If you haven't won, you can apply next time if you wish, but your outfit must be different each time.

- Name your notecard "Danielle Fashionista 2013/14 - your_user_name" and drop the notecard with your entries in our dropbox in the main store.

- You agree that your entry photos are used for Styles by Danielle brand, solely for the purpose of advertising.

Thank you and good luck!

Styles by Danielle team

Our fabulous sponsors:
- SL Fierce magazine
- Zuri - jewelry creations
- Amacci
- Two Moon Gardens 
- Morgane Batista Poses

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