Friday, October 18, 2013

Gothic Madame

Gothic Madame comes to you just in time for Halloween!
The gown is made of satin and the finest lace combined in elegant way and adorned with jewels, ruffles and ribbons. All together, it carries that "Danielle style and craft', already distinguished on SL marketplace.

Gothic Madame Halloween edition includes the spiderweb net at the back and a collar with a spider on the left side (can be removed) and is greatly discounted.
Available only for the next two weeks!

DANIELLE AD GothicMadame Halloween Edition

Gothic Madame Silver vendor picture shows you most of the options for wearing this gown:

DANIELLE Gothic Madame Silver all options' 
Other colors have same options as shown with silver color.
DANIELLE Gothic Madame TaupeDANIELLE Gothic Madame Rose DustDANIELLE Gothic Madame RedDANIELLE Gothic Madame PurpleDANIELLE Gothic Madame Blue NightDANIELLE Gothic Madame Black


Gothic Madame Jewelry Set includes a choker and earrings in finest black lace, old silver and gemstones.
Our Majestic set gives you a choice for nine gem textures that match all our Gothic Madame gowns and you get one more color extra - emerald.

DANIELLE Gothic Madame Black Set MajesticDANIELLE Gothic Madame Black Set CitrineDANIELLE Gothic Madame Black Set DiamondDANIELLE Gothic Madame Black Set Black DiamondDANIELLE Gothic Madame Black Set Ruby


Gothic Madame Headpiece is made of lace, net, feathers and black pearls.
Left and right variant are included in a package and you can wear them both for a bold look.

DANIELLE Gothic Madame Headpiece Black

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