Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bolero Contest entries

Hare are our entries:

Parfait Held'

Bolero Contest - Zari Grun'

No.3:Bunny Mesmeriser copy

TheAbsinthe Fairey in Silver Bolero'

100704 D-DESIGN Bolero contest R

Olimpia Charlegorn'

No.7:Shy Whybrow 

ladycris Jules'

Thank you to our beautiful ladies and good luck!

The contest is now closed and the judges sheet are given to each judge for evaluation.


“Carina” is a new release that comes in four colors. It is a cute flirty glitter dress in with sheer wrinkled fabric on the top.

D-DESIGN Carina Aquamarinejpg

 D-DESIGN Carina Magenta' D-DESIGN Carina Silver'

D-DESIGN Carina Blue'

The blue one will be 60 LD weekend dress (July, 3-4)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Flower Power and the butterfly

Hmmm, at first I thought I will never make a jacket to the FP jeans, but never say never … I was kindly asked to make it so I just had to..and here it is.. woala! A whole outfit :)

I went to a flower garden to take some pictures in this new outfit, and there I found a beautiful butterfly! I think it took my sculpted flowers for real lol and just didn’t let me go! Could be because of the blink and the vivid colors…?

Snapshot blog_003 blog_001

It stayed on my finger, my lap and…my nose :) I was so happy!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bolero Contest

Our sheer laced bolero is unique in its versatility, matching flawlessly with almost any style.  We're so impressed with how some of our clients have chosen to wear them, that we've decided to hold a contest to find the best bolero outfit any of you can put together.D-DESIGN AD Bolero Contestpng

Just match the bolero with your other favorite D-DESIGN clothes and send us a snapshot for the chance to win big.

1st prize is 500L cash and two D-DESIGN outfits of your choice
2nd prize is 300L cash and your choice of any one D-DESIGN outfit
3rd prize is 100L in cash and a D-DESIGN jeans outfit of your choice.

Besides a $L prize, the top 3 winners of the Bolero Contest will be featured in a photo shoot that will be displayed at D-Design.

Boleros are available at our store in black, silver and gold, or in a very affordable fat pack with 6 more colors.

To enter the contest, just send us a single photo of yourself (full length) in a D-DESIGN bolero and any other D-DESIGN clothes. No freebies or hunt items, please. (That is no members' and Pick free gifts, freebies, or the Mr & Mrs Kindness and Africa Brown Jeans hunt items.)

Pix should be 1024x1024, full perm, and included in a notecard with your name.  Just drop it into our dropbox in the main store.  We will accept entries from June 22 - July 05, 2010.

Winners will be chosen based on the the whole look, including hair, jewelry and shoes.

1. Prazillo Lemon -blogger http://www.prazillolemon.blogspot.com
2. Ortega Datura - Sl and RL photographer
3. Dani Plassitz – D-DESIGNer

All pictures will be displayed here, in our blog

Thanks and good luck!

New Release - BRIDAL

June is a month for weddings and D-Design is offering a gown in your choice of white or black with silver that will make you look and feel ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. We want the customer to get excited about the dress and see themselves in it and feel like a bride. "London" is an elegant gown made of lace and sheer ruffled fabric with three options for wearing it. First a playful mini skirt to which you can added a longer skirt.  And also there is an even longer train which will have beautiful movement as you walk down the aisle. The short one you could use for the after-wedding party. The veil with diamond and gloves are included.

D-DESIGN AD London White png

Snapshot bridal_007png

Snapshot trail short_002png

D-DESIGN London Black png D-DESIGN London White png

There is a Demo version of the gowns available for 1 ld.

To complete this dress, you may want to chose "London sandals" that have same flower with diamond as on the veil and a bow added at the back side.

D-DESIGN London Black sandals png D-DESIGN London White sandals png

To all who are getting married, congratulations!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Release: jeanssss

This time a new release is jeans, but .. not 'just jeans'!!! You already know, there is something that will catch the eye ;) Let me present it to you, one by one:

1- Africa Brown JeansAfrica Brown Jeans pct png

UNISEX! Those jeans will be in a 'Go4Goal hunt' that is starting this Friday, 11th. As you can guess, the hunt is dedicated to the soccer world cup in South Africa.
Transfer and modifiable for boots.

2- Flower Power Jeans
D-DESIGN Flower Power jeans pngFlowers are sculpted and not only that, you can color them ANY color you like! (to color them, you need to have basic building knowledge; trust me, it's not hard) They are with modify permition so show me your art :))
They have a simple resizer that will help you at first to adjust it to your avi size. You can than move flower by flower if you like.. do whatever you want! Gems have small bling that can be turned off.
NOTE: this item is no transfer!

3- Colors Jeans
D-DESIGN Colors jeans pngSame style as June gift, but now with many awesome colors on it. This outfit is very detailed and highest quality. Top is in two levels and pants are modifiable.

4- Colors jewelry set
D-DESIGN Colors pngI am proud to present this set, made especially for Colors jeans outfit. Big, bold and beautiful, it matches it perfectly.  It has a tender bling on earrings and a belly ring that can be turned off. Bracelets are with the resizer.


Friday, June 4, 2010

Group Gift For June – Marilyn Jeans

Feel like celebrity in new D-DESIGN group gift for June! Are you bold enough to mix the classy look with worn out jeans? ;) Try out and than come to show me!!
Wear a group tag and left click on the picture. The box has an unpacker so you can wear it immediately. Have fun!

2010_June jpg

Thanks to Paisley Lancaster from Opium FA, I have found out that Marilyn Monroe has birthday in this month of June, 1st. What a coincidence! Now I am even more glad that I was inspired to do it!
Check out Paisley's beautiful blog here. I am not good with writing and descriptions, but she surely is!!!

D-DESIGN から6月の Group Gift のお知らせです

D-DESIGN is rewarding for Picks

D-DESIGN is rewarding anyone who adds our Main Store to his/her Picks!! This offer is available from June 1-21, 2010. It is in order to replace the old store Pick with this new one and also to let more people know about us. If you like D-DESIGN clothes and our store, please come here and share us in your Profile. As you know, there are many fashion designers around SL and Picks are one great way to be known. To show how much I appreciate your effort, I am giving out one of my best outfits from the Exclusive line with the matching shoes and handbag included.

NOTE: you don't need to be a D-DESIGN group member to get the dress.

Picks reward jpg

You may choose your color:

Sophia Night png Sophia Green png


There is a pretty White choker with small pearls especially for this dress you can get for 65 LD (attached to spine, so you can wear your ruffle on the chest for the best fit)

White Pearls Choker jpg