Saturday, April 30, 2011

Danielle May Group Gift

For the month of May, all our members will get the golden shiny leather pants:
DANIELLE 2011_May group gift'
They are actually two pants: one with normal and one with low rise. You can wear them with or without the leg cuffs.

I hope you like the new gift and I wish you lots of fun in it :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Make May Shimmer Contest

1-12 May, 2011

Styles by Danielle has just launched a very special dress called "Mirette Cocktail". It is an elegant glittering dress and comes in three colors - Bordeaux, Night and Black

In order to promote this dress across the SL, we will be advertising it in some of the best SL magazines. For this purpose, we are organizing a contest and the winner will be a model wearing the dress with her name on the ad.
Mr. Zachary Zufreur from Sachi Photo Studio, who is sponsoring this contest, will take the winner's picture for this purpose. Except all this, the winner will also get a gift - Mirette Cocktail dress in one color.

Mirette contest banner' BE OUR MARKETING FACE

How to enter the contest
- Join the Styles by Danielle inworld group

- Create a notecard titled "Make May Shimmer- (Your name)" [e.g: Make May Shimmer  - Dani Plassitz] and include the following in the notecard:

        a) one 1024x1024 face shot of your avatar wearing Danielle Mirette Cocktail Special Edition dress (any color)
       b) one 1024x1024 full-length shot of your avatar wearing Danielle Mirette Cocktail Special Edition dress (any color)
Accessories do not have to be Danielle, only the dress. Please, use the sparkling version of the dress for pictures.
Pictures must be full perm and no name on them.

Send the notecard to Dani Plassitz between 1-12 May, 2011 and make sure she confirmed it.

Good luck!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh wow!! This month, being the last one before Miss Danielle 2011 competition, we had more entries than usually. And the judges job was really hard.

Here are the winners:
Luiza Riddler:

Leah McCullough:

Congratulations and big applause to our winners!
Each of our them receives 500 ld gift card from our shop, a special tag, feature in HeartBEAT magazine and, most importantly, the opportunity to be crowned Miss DANIELLE 2011 and win the big prizes!
Their pictures are also displayed in the main store.
Special thanks to our judges Angel Tzara (HeartBeat SL mag editor in chief) and Zachary Zufreur (SACHI Photo Studio CEO)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Special Edition – Glittering Dress

I am very delighted to present to you the Special Edition Cocktail glittering dress "Mirette".
It comes in three colors - Bordeaux, Night and Black with two scarfs (dark and light), two dresses (glittering and non-glittering) and  matching under-dress pants and tops.
DANIELLE Mirette Cocktail Night Special Edition' DANIELLE Mirette Cocktail Black Special Edition' DANIELLE Mirette Cocktail Bordeaux Special Edition'
The picture cannot show its glitter and sparkles, but in the main store you will be able to see it before the purchase. Also, you can watch it here:

This very special and elegant dress for sure will attract all eyes on you!
The matching heels will be in the store hopefully during the day. Because I am leaving for the Easter vacation soon, I did not want to wait to release it.
Due to its exquisite design, this dress will be sold ONLY in the main store, and not any other store.
During April 17-20, a group discount on this dress will be available.

The textures contained within and comprising this garment are the exclusive property of Dani Plassitz/ Styles by Danielle.  Extracting, reusing, sharing or distributing them in any manner, using software or other methods, is illegal and will be reported immediately to Linden Labs.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekend sale

It’s weekend again lol And here is the 60 ld sale offer from our store:
DANIELLE Cutie-morning joy'
It includes different layers and you can wear it with or without T-shirt. The motif in the fabric is chicken and eggs, perfect for the Easter morning!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New lingerie release and Easter Hunt

Our next new release is something that will quite complete the diversity of Danielle fashion house – a lingerie!
You can choose pink or black and it comes with the stockings, cuffs and collar with a necktie. Also, it is in different layers, so you can have your tattoo, cleavage or other body embellishments. Due to the whole look, it is called “Ms Official” ;)
DANIELLE Ms Official Black' DANIELLE Ms Official Pink'

And because it is the Easter time, only during the month of April you will be able to purchase the Easter Edition of Ms Official Pink:
DANIELLE Ms Official Pink Easter Edition'

A new grid-wide hunt – The Kinky Easter Egg Hunt starts on Saturday, April 9th and one part of this outfit (without the bikini version) will be our prize:

DANIELLE Easter Hunt Gift'

Both versions will be released on Saturday and will be greatly discounted for our inworld members.

Weekend sale

For 9th and 10th of April at Styles by Danielle, a weekend special offer will be so popular bolero in white color:

DANIELLE Bolero White'

It is a sheer laced bolero jacket with sculpted sleeves – a perfect little something to complete almost every outfit for only 60 L$ !

Friday, April 1, 2011

Celebrating Spring Fashion Show Video

On March 19th Styles by Danielle had a fashion show with the title “Celebrating Spring”, organized by Maritima Inc. The collection included outfits and gowns with Spring theme - soft colors and lines. Here is the video to it: