Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Leather+net lace+chiffon = Loly

I’m a bit late with this blog, but still time to grab this new release on a discounted price in our main store.
Here are the pictures of it:
 DANIELLE Loly Black'  DANIELLE Loly White' 
Or, if you wish to have it in mini version only, here is your choice:
DANIELLE Loly Mini Black' DANIELLE Loly Mini White'

Today is the last day of our anniversary celebration and if you haven’t grabbed all the bargains from our store, hurry up!
Come for a piece of cake and join us!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Anniversary gown

A special gown will be released tomorrow to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Styles by Danielle in Second Life fashion business.
It’s a classy gown in deep blue damask combined with the finest lace.
DANIELLE Anniversary gown' 
The group members will be able to buy it for only 199 LD. Do not forget that only tomorrow, Friday, 26th the group fee will be reduced to 20 LD, so take your chance tomorrow!
See you at Styles by Danielle!

Revealing anniversary hunt items

During our anniversary celebration days, there will be a store hunt with all the new items!!!
It starts Friday, 26th and ends on Tuesday, 30th.

Let me show you what will you be hunting for:

1) A new color of your favorite dress Noenna Flexi, here in Turquoise:
Noenna flexi hunt_001' 
2) Another gown in bluish with choker and belt included:
Mina bluish hunt_001'

3) Purple leather top:
purple top hunt_001'

4) Glamour Earrings matching new anniversary gown perfectly!
earrings hunt_001'

Look for 4 small boxes hidden around the main store. The hunt is free and everyone is welcomed to join it! Have fun!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Anniversary Celebration at Styles by Danielle

DANIELLE Anniversary banner'

26-30 November, 2010 (Friday - Tuesday)
Styles by Danielle (formerly known as D-design) is celebrating its first anniversary in the Second Life fashion business. This will also include the official opening of our newly redecorated store with our new name and logo.  For this occasion we have prepared many things for you,  so come and have some fun!

Here is what can you expect:
1) The group enrollment fee will be reduced to L$20  only on 26th (Friday), so call your alts, family, friends, pets.. to join on that day and enjoy our group benefits!

2) Special MM items
on 26th: Romance Orange copy version (set on group):
DANIELLE Romance Orange' other days: Boomy Necklace (set on group):
DANIELLE Boomy Necklace Turquoise on gold' 

3) Hunt
There will be four NEW items to hunt for. Everybody can join and the hunt is free! You will be looking for small boxes with the Danielle logo on it, hidden around the main store.

4) Sale
Big sale!!! At least 30 items will be discounted and the price will start from L$10.  Look for a red "discounted" button to see what item is on sale.

5) Anniversary Gown
This is a special gown that will be released on the opening day and group members will be able to buy it for only L$199!

We hope you can find the time to come and celebrate with us!  We are happy to see and meet you all in our new main store!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fashionista winners for November

This month I got many nice entries, so I have included one more judge than usually for more objective estimation.
And the result it that we have three winners! Yay!

Riham Keng:
Riham Keng face'

Riham Keng full'

Ezmeralda Silversmith:
ezmeralda Silversmith face' ezmeralda Silversmith full' 

Breeze Macbeth:
Breeze Macbeth face' Breeze Macbeth full'

Big thank you to everyone who participated and do not forget you can enter the next month again, just with the different clothes.

Each of our winners receives 500 ld gift card from our shop, a special tag, feature in HeartBEAT magazine and, most importantly, the opportunity to be crowned Miss DANIELLE and win the big prizes!
Their pictures are also displayed in the main store.

Special thanks to our judges Angel Tzara (HeartBeat SL mag editor in chief), Prazillo Lemon (model and blogger) and Silexe Core (69 Park Ave CEO).

Monday, November 15, 2010

Styles by Danielle presents Coco Chanel

I am very proud to present the new release: my version of Coco Chanel suit in both modern and classic style!
There are 3 types of vendors you will find on a New Release wall:

1- a complete outfit (dress, jacket, hat, shoes, purse, belt)

DANIELLE Coco Pepit complete' 
DANIELLE Coco Tiger complete'

2- basic outfit (dress with the jacket and purse, but without the other accessories)

DANIELLE Coco Pepit'
DANIELLE Coco Tiger' 

3- jewelry set "Coco Diamonds" made from same gems as the brooch on jacket and purse.

DANIELLE Coco Diamonds black and white' DANIELLE Coco Diamonds aquamarine DANIELLE Coco Diamonds citrine

Each set of this new release is discounted 30% for our group members. The promo days: 14-18th November, 2010.

Just a few more words about the new release.. it is recommended for the alpha-compatible viewers users because the jacket fits best with the alpha layer that covers your breasts (so they won't stick out from the jacket). The shoes can be worn with or without the alpha layer.
Some parts of the outfit are modify, like blouse (one with long sleeves is included), skirts and glitch pants.

Please check out some of wonderful blogs about this outfit:

Styles by Danielle Introduces Coco ~ by Paisley Lancaster
My Vintage Coco Suit by Prazillo Lemon

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fashionista Contest – open for November entries

Last month we had many beautiful entries and to chose the winner was very hard, but as you already know we've got two ladies Fashionistas for October and you can see their new photos in a new issue of a HeartBEAT Magazine (kiosk in our store).
We are now open for November entries and looking forward to see them!
Danielle Fashionista ad'

November group gift

This month you get the pants outfit: there are a blouse, 2 pants and 2 different cuffs to it. The texture is rich in shades and done so that the left and right leg and cuffs are different. The belt is included as well. As usually, prims has a resizer.
DANIELLE 2010_November'

D-DESIGN is now Styles by Danielle

Coming to the end of 2010, D-DESIGN has been working hard to be one of the best fashion stores... Varying from formal evening attire to casual and casual chic, you name it, we have it...

Now with the one year anniversary in November, we have been thinking of making some changes; something that will distinguish us at the market even more and make your shopping experience greater.

From November, 1st the new redecorated store is up and running (SLURL address will remain the same) and D-DESIGN is now Styles by Danielle. At the end of November we will have the Grand Opening and an anniversary celebration.

DANIELLE logo sq jpg

Please, visit our new store. Click here.