Friday, April 30, 2010

Celebrating with you

Hello dear D-DESIGN lover,
this year I am going to celebrate my RL birthday with you here, so you are invited for a piece of cake and some fun in my main store this Sunday, May 2nd.

Would really LOVE to see you all here and therefore I have prepared something for you for that particular day:

>>>>> 50% OFF sale on all male and female clothes
>>>>> hidden 15 LD dress
>>>>> special MM for inworld members

Hey, I hope you come and make it a special day for me. Thank you!

Revealing the hidden gown and MM for Sunday:
--> 15 LD gown is Ermine. Here is the picture of it:

--> special MM for members only are Saine new tops in 3 variations. You will need to wear your group tag before registering:

Mistress Aeon

Yes, you've read right. "Mistress Aeon" is something different than other Dani Plassitz Designs and still Dani is showing us once more her amazing texturing on this dark and sexy outfit made of latex.

Actually it comes in two colors black and red, I'm just showing the all black version on the pictures. Each version includes the hip belt, tanga, choker belt and lace up in the two colors!

If you are a fallen Angel, like me ;) or you just like the sexy latex look. Don't miss this outfit!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mariella Is April’s Hit

I am really very happy how well this gown is received and I can definitely say that it was an April’s Hit :) and deserves its place here with heightened attention.

Hope you will enjoy the photos I have taken since especially for this dress picture speaks more than words!




Mariella is a colorful dress with a rich seamless flower design. It has a cute hand accessory in pink color wrapped around with he same dress fabric. Wherever you go in this dress be sure people will WOW you! ^^


See how other bloggers have seen the same dress:

Opium FA

Zillo Insist

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Queen Of The Night

I would like to start my clothes blogging with this haute couture gown. I think one picture you can see in the store cannot show enough what this gown really is. I have made those photos in one glamorous place (I am sure most of you will recognize where :)) new snapshot_005 small1

new snapshot_015small

This gown is a mix of Breakfast at Tiffany's meets a masquerade ball.  It oozes class in an Audrey Hepburn style. This dress is dark grey with pretty black baroque ornaments.  It can't fail to catch your eye as it sparkles like a diamond in the sunlight when you walk.  Also included are masquerade mask and a matching hair accessory.

It is a sleeveless gown with elegant cut, to show the best of one’s figure. Sheer fabric is used for the gloves and the back part that ‘opens’ the dress.

new snapshot_010new

Sparkles are flexible, waving nicely, surrounding you as little stars and transforming you into the Queen of the night!

new snapshot_025new

If you wish, you can have it for a different look, taking off the sparkles and a flexi skirt. You will still look just as much elegant!

new snapshot_030new

As I have mentioned earlier, I am not so good with the writing, but Paisley Lancaster from the Opium FA has done it for me :) Click HERE to see and read more about this perfect for evening gown!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SLC Intreview with Dani Plassitz

New SL magazine is called "SL Culture Magazine" and here is its 1st issue with many interesting topics. You can read an interview with me and how did I get started on the page 22. There will be a launch party on Saturday, 24th April, 9 mp SLT and you are all invited!

Take a free copy of this issue and the LM to the party place from our Main Store

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What can you find in D-DESIGN Main Store

Let me stroll you around the shop and show you what does it offer:
- right to the entrance is an area for gifts, freebies and sales. As many of you know, D-DESIGN is awarding its members with a unique free gift each month. You need to join the group (click on the logo) and than simply click on any of member's free outfits you like.
Three bags on the table are for any visitor and one of them contains the updated catalog.

- left to the entrance is Info area. You can take LM from there, read about ongoing hunt, subscribe, get rewarded for placing us in your Picks or just take a seat while you are busy with something else.

- the central part is for new releases and most popular outfits:

- jeans, unisex and man's clothes are next to the freebies area:

- and the blue lounge is especially for "Nuit Sensuelle" label - a haute couture fashion for ladies and gentlemen with classy taste:

Hope to see you soon in D-DESIGN!

We are getting started...

I think it was about time to have blogged D-DESIGN clothes by its creator LOL. I am not good with writing, so any help from you will be much appreciated. But I will try to bring you the latest news from D-DESIGN shop and more photos focused on most important details about each outfit. So make sure you visit this blog regularly, as there will be pleasant surprises soon.
Besides blogging my clothes, most of all I hope this site will bring us closer, just as SL has proven to be a great place for meeting new people, exchanging the knowledge and be a great fun!