Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Group Hunt

It's a Halloween season time and at D-DESIGN we have a hunt.
This hunt is for our group members only. Feel free to join and participate in this hunt.

25-31 October, 2010


You are looking for a pumpkin. There are 20 hidden pumpkins all around the store, but only THREE of them contain the prize:

1- Spider White mask
2- Spider Red mask
3- Spider Orange mask
Halloween Group Hunt'

Those are especially done to match the Spider dress. They are adorned with net lace and gem stones.

Hints are in the main store, touch the hunt banner for a notecard!
Happy hunting!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween dress - Spider

Here it is! A dress for you Halloween night or when you just feel like that^^ "Spider" comes in three options:
- gown with lace
- gown without lace
- jumpsuit

D-DESIGN Spider White hor ZURI'
D-DESIGN Spider Orange hor ZURI' D-DESIGN Spider Red hor ZURI'  

And a special vendor "Spider Halloween" only with the gown for a special price!!!!
Big group discounts only in our main store
D-DESIGN Spider Halloween ZURI'

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

D-DESIGN Fashionista October Winners

I was very very pleased with all the entries for this month! I have to say contestants did a great job with their pictures and styling.

All the entries in full length are visible at our Flickr group I wear D-DESIGN) and here are the Fashionista winners for October!

Ezmeralda Silversmith:
Ezmeralda Silversmith face'

Ezmeralda Silversmith full' 

Lucretia Robbiani:
Lucretia Robbiani face'

Lucretia Robbiani full'

Congratulations to our beautiful winners!

Each of them receives 500 ld gift card from our shop, a special tag, feature in HeartBEAT magazine and, most importantly, the opportunity to be crowned Miss D-DESIGN and win the big prizes!
Their pictures are also displayed in the main store.
Special thanks to our judges Angel Tzara (HeartBeat SL mag editor in chief) and Silexe Core (69 Park Ave CEO).

Friday, October 8, 2010

Romance gown – when you just wish to be the most beautiful…

The new release has it all as its name says: flowers, romantic colors, sheer fabrics, softness a feminine cut...
The flowers at the bottom trim were painted by myself. The skirt is a little shorter in the front and has seamless texture that is making this dress a one of a kind !
The upper sheer fabric is following the skirt line and has even softer movement from the down skirt for a realistic feeling. Both skirts are collected in a small bow at the back.
The high opera gloves are included.
The off-shoulder sleeves are maybe dropping a hint? :))

D-DESIGN Romance Orange'

D-DESIGN Romance fatpack light'

D-DESIGN Romance fatpack dark'

The Romance gown is discounted for group members during the promotional days.
Visit the D-DESIGN Main Store and get your color today!

To complete this lovely gown our Miss D-DESIGN 2011 sponsor "MsDesigns" has created perfect heels for it! As a gown has three main colors on it, so the heels can be colored in three different parts and they come as alpha and non-alpha compatible.

We recommend Ms Delicia shoes'