Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Announcing Danielle Fashionista contests – season II

Danielle Fashionista 2011_2012

First round October 15-30. 2011

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Announcing the Face of DANIELLE Contest:
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
For the 2nd year, Styles By Danielle is launching a grid-wide search for the woman who most perfectly represents the style and versatility of our label.
Each month we will choose a Danielle Fashionista, who directly becomes Miss Danielle 2012 finalist. Those monthly competitions will take place from October 2011 until the summer 2012 when we will held Miss Danielle 2012 and this will close up this 2nd contest season.
Our monthly Fashionista winner will receive:
- the opportunity to be crowned Miss Danielle and win the big prizes!
- 5.000 L$ in cash
- 3.000 L$ gift card
- honorable tag Danielle Fashionista
- advertising feature in InWorld Inc. magazine
- candidacy in Posh Model Institute
- gift from our sponsor
We have prizes for  runner-up, and second runner-up too - a gift card worth 1.000 L$
Monthly winner's picture will be featured in our blog: and in the InWorld Inc. magazine. We will add your name on and any credits to the photographer if you wish to.
We are looking for women who are photogenic and stylish, skillful with SL clothing and accessories, and responsible, collaborative, and comfortable working in a team. And we are looking for models who are eager to broaden their career, or if you are not a model yet, but you want to do something about it, we offer you your chance amongst the best in SL - Posh Model Institute by InWorld! More info about it can be found in our main store.
If you believe you have what it takes to be the Face of Danielle, the instructions below will tell you how to apply.
* * * * * * * *
To enter the monthly Danielle Fashionista Contest:
- Join the Styles by Danielle inworld group
- Join the Danielle Fashionista Moolto group:
  Your entries will be there.
- Create two photos:
        a) one 512x512 or 1024x1024 face shot of your avatar wearing Danielle clothes
        b) one 512x512 or 1024x1024 full-length shot of your avatar wearing Danielle clothes
Accessories do not have to be Danielle, only the clothing. Freebies and members gifts for the current month available in the store are not allowed.
Pictures should be without name or logo on them.
- Go to Danielle Fashionista Moolto group: and submit your entries.
   On the Comment Wall click the photo icon and simply browse the picture from your computer.
   Under the picture write your SL full name and the month you submit for (e.g. My entry for Danielle Fashionista - November)
   Entries are accepted from 15th-30th each month, starting from October, and the winner is announced for the following month.
- The contests are not by voting, but your comments are welcome! 
You can apply for each month, only the outfit must be a different one.
If you have any further question, do not hesitate to contact us or drop your notecard with it in our dropbox in the main store.
Thank you and good luck!
Styles by Danielle team

Our fabulous sponsors:
    - Inworld Inc. magazine -
    - Posh Model Institute
    - Moolto -
    - Zuri - jewelry creations

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New 1000 Kisses Gown

Due to the high demand for more colors for Thousand Kisses gown, I have made its silver version and the matching jewelry set:
DANIELLE Thousand Kisses-silver'

DANIELLE Thousand Kisses Jewelry Set Silver'

As always, the new release is discounted for our group members.

Two hunts on a grid

Styles by Danielle store participates in two ongoing hunts:

> Molto Sisters Hunt
For this month in Moolto Sisters hunt you can get Carina Blue in copy version from our store:
DANIELLE Carina Blue'  

> Disco Hunt by What’s The News group
Sept. 15 - Oct 15
What's The News Disco Hunt with 100 shops participating. More info in the main store.
Here is the prize from our store:
Disco Hunt Prize