Thursday, April 7, 2011

New lingerie release and Easter Hunt

Our next new release is something that will quite complete the diversity of Danielle fashion house – a lingerie!
You can choose pink or black and it comes with the stockings, cuffs and collar with a necktie. Also, it is in different layers, so you can have your tattoo, cleavage or other body embellishments. Due to the whole look, it is called “Ms Official” ;)
DANIELLE Ms Official Black' DANIELLE Ms Official Pink'

And because it is the Easter time, only during the month of April you will be able to purchase the Easter Edition of Ms Official Pink:
DANIELLE Ms Official Pink Easter Edition'

A new grid-wide hunt – The Kinky Easter Egg Hunt starts on Saturday, April 9th and one part of this outfit (without the bikini version) will be our prize:

DANIELLE Easter Hunt Gift'

Both versions will be released on Saturday and will be greatly discounted for our inworld members.

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