Friday, May 13, 2011

NEW RELEASE - Mirette Formal

Here is a formal version of Mirette glittering dress:
  DANIELLE Mirette Formal Bordeaux'

DANIELLE Mirette Formal Night'

DANIELLE Mirette Formal Black'

It comes with three skirts, two tops and two gloves, so you may chose your version of how to wear it.
A specially designed choker has been added to this gown, both in light and dark color with a little bow in the back. The color of the stones matches those from the 'Thousand Kisses jewelry set' so you can use the earrings and the bracelet from that set if you wish.

Since many of you have bought the cocktail version of the same, I am giving it for 50% only, during the promo days!!!

Promo days: 12-15 May, 2011

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