Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cornelia – For Classic And WowMeh Body


This gown catches the eye with its plunging neckline and delicate embroidery around the bodice and gloves. The slim-fitting bodice flatters the feminine figure as it leads gently to the flowing skirt, also trimmed in intricate detail.

Wear it with or without gloves and if you like, use it with the appliers we provide:
-Lolas Tango applier
-WowMeh mesh body clothes applier

Cornelia gowns come in color line of exotic colors and a color line of pastel colors:
DANIELLE Cornelia AquamarineDANIELLE Cornelia FuchsiaDANIELLE Cornelia LimeDANIELLE Cornelia Deep LemonDANIELLE Cornelia CrimsonDANIELLE Cornelia BoleDANIELLE Cornelia BerylDANIELLE Cornelia WineDANIELLE Cornelia Blue NightDANIELLE Cornelia ImperialDANIELLE Cornelia Black

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