Monday, July 14, 2014

Aviana Romper And Aviva Shoes For Slink Feet

‘Aviana’ outfit


'Aviana' outfit is designed for a strong woman, always ready for action. Each color comes in variation of three textures (plain, camouflage big and small) and the choice of two metals (gold and silver) provided on a HUD. Demo is available.

DANIELLE Aviana OliveDANIELLE Aviana Prussian BlueDANIELLE Aviana WineDANIELLE Aviana BeigeDANIELLE Aviana WhiteDANIELLE Aviana Black


‘Aviva’ Heels

DANIELLE Aviva Majestic

NOTE: Pre-made textures always look better than anything you re-color. However, re-coloring allows you endless possibilities. For optimum look, we have provided high quality textures for metals, shiny heels and outer sole and you can re-color the main part and the inner sole.

Our 'Aviva' heels are perfectly matching new 'Aviana' romper. The colors are the same, and we have also included the Majestic version for multi-coloring, along with some extra choices. Those heels are only for Slink high feet!

Colors that match 'Aviana' romper:

DANIELLE Aviva OliveDANIELLE Aviva Prussian BlueDANIELLE Aviva WineDANIELLE Aviva BeigeDANIELLE Aviva BlackDANIELLE Aviva White



DANIELLE Aviva Black Simple'

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