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A retrospective of Dani Plassitz - the designer and visionary behind Styles by Danielle 2009 - 2016

A retrospective of Dani Plassitz, the designer and visionary behind Styles by Danielle 2009 - 2016

Dani was a designer that was supportive of every agency, model and event she worked with.
Over the years, she gained loyal customers, close friends, supported models and others who developed a love for her designs.

Her designing career in Second Life, started in November 2009, when her label D-Design established. Her motto back then was:

The D-DESIGN label is relatively new to Second life, and yet has quickly become a favourite for many elegant ladies. Our motto is: "A shop for different clothes." And as you will see, D-DESIGN outfits are quite diverse in range, each with their own special style - elegant yet modern, and always with a unique twist to catch the eye. - Dani Plassitz 2009/2010


She always loved fashion shows where she worked together with model agencies showcasing her designs, often for charity events.
Dani launched fashionista contests, where she was running a grid-wide search for the woman who most perfectly represents the style and versatility of her label. Each month a D-DESIGN Fashionista was chosen and once a year, from those monthly winners, the Annual Miss D-DESIGN was picked. Monthly Fashionista winners received special rewards and the opportunity to be crowned Miss D-DESIGN and to win big prizes and an inside feature in HeartBEAT SL Magazine.
The first Miss D-DESIGN / Miss Danielle was crowned in June 2011.
Coming to the end of 2010, D-DESIGN has been working hard to be one of the best fashion stores. "Varying from formal evening attire to casual and casual chic, you name it, we have it..."
With the one year anniversary in November 2010, she made some changes to her business; something that would distinguish her at the market even more. D-DESIGN turned into Styles by Danielle.
The fashionista concept and the fashion shows were persistent elements in Dani's business.
The last fashion show was Styles by Danielle's 7th anniversary fashion show by Models Giving Back, also with charity support in November 2016.

2011 and later:

Danielle is bringing her customers timeless elegance in design since 2009. Her outfits are defined by combining grace and beauty to create the desired look, whilst providing the highest quality and excellent customer care. The diverse range of high quality designs include formal and wedding dresses, casual outfits, lingerie, beachwear, accessories and appliers.

At Danielle you can find beautiful wedding gowns of unique style and top quality. Danielle also offers matching accessories and shoes to her designs. Appliers and mesh gowns became available in her designs.

Styles by Danielle gowns are not only different and of the highest quality, but they ooze style and make each woman feeling unique.


Styles by Danielle  has been nominated for an Avi Choice Award in the category:  Favorite Women’s Formal Apparel.

Models Giving Back, the agency Dani used to work with over the years, organised a last fashion show in tribute to the life and career of Dani Plassitz, where all her models  came to present Dani's fashion from her early creations to present.


With the recent unexpected loss of Dani, she is leaving a respectable legacy with Styles by Danielle and a gap in people's lives she touched. She will greatly be missed by everyone who knew her.
Her store will remain open as long as there is a desire for  her designs, according to her RL husband's wish and due to the support of her friends who gave Styles by Danielle a new permanent mainstore location and who try to maintain and develop the business that Dani successfully founded and maintained over 7 years.

About Dani's inspiration to begin fashion design:

Her passion for design that showed in every one of her creations over the years, wasn't limited to Second Life. In an  interview Dani gave for the SL CultureMagazine that launched in 2010, where she was featured in their first article, Dani was briefly talking about her inspiration for becoming a designer in Second Life. She said: "I am a textile and graphic designer in RL, seeing many possibilities to express myself here was not hard to be inspired".

About her Real Life career:

Dani graduated university in textile engineering in 1996/1997 where she won the award for being 1st placed.
She worked for different companies, to practise her skills before she went to Bulgaria where she became married. Then she started to work for a big multinational company with Italian origin, named Miroglio Group and went to Italy for  3 months for specialisation.
When she returned from Italy, she started to work as a textile graphic designer for Miroglio group.
She worked there for 8 years and became chief of the manual design department and also chief of the electronic design department. Later on she became chief of a new department for printing design, using new Japanese technology for printing textiles.
Before she left this company, she was chief of 3 departments and led 40 designers.
Dani moved on to a ceramics design company where she worked for 2 years and then decided to work at home for design companies from different countries. During this time, she was introduced to Second Life and very quickly and persistently started developing and growing her business, which soon became her sole occupation.

Dani in her Interview for SL CultureMagazine in 2010: "Just as in RL, one needs to have a great desire to be persistent".

The bottom line:

Just like anywhere else, if you want it and have the drive to do it, you can make it here (in SL).

And that is what Dani Plassitz stands for, she made it.

By Aeon Crystal
February 2017


  1. What a fascinating story about her. Dani was a very accomplished woman in RL and SL. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. You are very welcome, I am glad you like it :)