Monday, June 20, 2011

Miss Danielle 2011 winners

The first Miss Danielle took a place on June 18, 2011 and it was a great show in which the finalists has shown it’s best in Danielle dresses.
They had to make two walks: one in the casual Nena dress (that was the part of their first photo competition part) and one in the formal gowns.
The judges has extremely hard task as all the ladies were more than just beautiful.
Finally the winner has been proclaimed, and that is Ms Jadhe Saeed:
Congratulations to Jadhe!
She is wearing the crown and a scepter made by Zuri-jewelry creations (by Zuri Rayna).

Here is the picture of Miss Danielle 2011 together with 1st runner up Luiza Riddler and 2nd runner up Caroline Mosely:
And here are our three winners together with me (Dani Plassitz) wearing the winners gown that will be named after Jadhe and also wearing Zuri- jewlery creations set made especially for it!

One more time congratulations to our winners and a big thanks to all the finalists and to Maritima Inc. staff and its CEO NyuNyu Kimono for an excellent organization of this show!

Big THANKS go to Clarice Karu for her contribution as a live performer during the event!

Special thanks go to our judges: Angel Tzara, Silexe Core, Hiliary Grant and Lillou Merlin as well so to our fabulous sponsors:
    - Zuri - jewelry creations
    - Heartbeat SL magazine (kiosk in our store)
    - Furniture and Design
    - Pelletteria Morrisey
    - Ms Graphic Designs
    - Moolto (kiosk in our store)

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